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ATI Actuators New Facility – Timelapse

Rice University – Reflections on 100 Years

Five Past University Presidents and the Honorable James Baker III sit down to discuss Rice University’s progress over the last 100 years and thoughts on 100 more.

The video was produced for the 100 year anniversary of Rice University. The video was broadcast on 4 screens that were each 40 feet wide and 10 feet high.

Baylor College of Medicine
Reproductive Health Research Day


Client Testimonial

Full Scope Pest Control

Web Commercial and Additional Information


“Explainer” Video and Animation

 The Center Houston – Alison R.

Client Feature

The Center Houston

Awareness, Fund-Raising, Marketing Video

MistAway Mosquito Misting Systems

Business Opportunity Video

 Autumn’s Dawn

Banquet Slideshow



Awareness Video and Membership Campaign



Trade Show Invite and Email Marketing Campaign


Live Action and Animation Combined


“Explainer” Animation