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Cloud-based Web Applications

Homer Jon Young is a Ruby on Rails full stack developer. His latest creation is the Excellence Map (eMap) Assessment System developed for The SRI Group. The software is utilized by Fortune 500 Chem & PetroChem companies to manage the health of their management systems. While primarily used for safety and environmental systems, the software can easily accommodate any management system for any type of client with enterprise operations.

Software Highlights

  • At-A-Glance Metrics – View the Performance of the Entire Organization on One Screen
  • Drill Downs – Ability to Get Specific
  • 10,000 Foot View or a Microscopic Views
  • Action Item Management
  • Track and Follow Up on Findings
  • Email Notification
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Element & Subelement Reporting
  • Global, All Sites, or Site Level Reporting
  • Historical Progress Reporting
  • Graphical Charts & Graphs
  • Action Item & Historical Change Reporting
  • Acrobat (*.pdf) & Excel (*.cvs, *.xls) Export
  • Tree-Based Process Navigation
  • Red / Green Visual Status Displays
  • Commenting Systems
  • Detailed Help and Admin Screens

Backend Programming Highlights

  • Multi-tenant
  • Subdomains
  • Self Scaling Application
  • Cloud Based
  • Real-time Exception Alerts
  • Uptime Monitoring and Alerts
  • Real-time Database Performance Monitoring
  • Nightly Backups to AWS
  • Pdf / Excel Exports
  • Charts / Graphs
  • User-based Security & Role Management
  • Badger Emails
  • Mobile Responsive